Moved by the impulse “It is necessary to be born of the Spirit”, the second young pilgrimage to the Marian Centers took place in the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit. The first pilgrimage was conducted in the Marian Center of Figueira.

About twenty youths from different parts of Argentina and Brazil congregated under a spirit of peace and brotherhood to share beautiful three days, from October 26 to 28, full of inner impulses and experiences through the proposed activities.

The arrival at the Marian Center

The meeting began on Friday afternoon, when friar Thomas (of Grace Mercy Order and the coordinator of the Youth Campaign for Peace) shared with all those present, in a simple but true way, the reason why carry forward these meetings, the proposal for this pilgrimage and the inner work that would be carried out within each one. The reflection that would accompany the whole meeting, the dialog of Jesus with Nicodemus from the Gospel, was presented.

Then the Ecumenical Restorative Communion with Christ was celebrated, beginning these days for Peace.

In search of the Sacred Place

As a symbol of ascension, on Saturday the group took a walk to “El Pajarillo” Hill, where each youth could experience silence, contact with Mother Nature, collaboration and transcendence.

Once on top of the hill, each one was invited to stay alone and in silence, making an inner synthesis of the ascent and then the group shared the Ecumenical Communion.

As they descended, they prayed a mystery of the Rosary for all youths of the world, through the transmission via internet that takes place every Saturday at 5 p.m.

After dinner, the closing of the day had an attunement at dusk under a walnut tree, in union with Universal Christ.

The encounter with Christ in the Inner Temple

After sharing breakfast, the youths individually reflected in the spaces of the Marian Center, about the impulses received during these days.

At mid-morning, all the group gathered to share their experience, their conclusions, doubts and inner feelings. The energy that was most present in each brother and sister was GRATITUDE.

At noon, the Ecumenical Communion took place as a closing of the meeting, and, sealing everything that had been lived together, there were hugs of Peace.

The proposal that remained pulsating in the heart of each youth was that of continuing united, inviting them to participate in the service missions, in the Youth Festivals, and all offerings within the Youth Campaign for Peace. Also there lingered the ideal of finding in the Marian Centers a refuge for each soul and inviting other youths to experience everything that each one of the group lived and received as a seed of light in those days.