I Am the Path, the Truth and the Life
Topic: The Sacred Kingdom of Water

What are you afraid?

I told Peter, once, when he was at the sea of Galilee,
what are you afraid of Simon? If your Master walks on water,
do you think that your faith will impede you from it?

Leave the boat and walk to meet My Sacred Heart!
Your faith can be as unwavering as a mountain,
I give you the strength to do all things.

And Simon walked on water. And without realizing it,
he distanced himself from fear and entered My Love,
in the Universe of My Love.

I invite you to traverse these times with much faith, much faith.
The terror can be great, the blood that runs throughout the world
can be unending, but nobody can surpass God.

Human beings must understand that they are far from God,
that they have turned their backs on the Universal Kingdom of Light.
That is why He sends His Only Begotten Son to give
strength and courage to the simple and good hearts.

Mensagem de Cristo Jesus de 18 de agosto de 2017

Mysteries of higher life

Clamor for mercy for this world, because if your little eyes could see the reality of souls and of the Kingdoms of Nature, your clamor would be like the air, without which you cannot be alive.

Child, clamor for the consciousness of the planet and feel in your heart that this world in which you live is not just a sphere of Earth and of water suspended in the Universe.

This planet has a spirit, a consciousness that sustains it and that has renounced being in other evolutions of the Infinite Cosmos to sustain the Earth on which you place your feet.

The planet lives and feels in itself, in its spirit,
everything that happens on all levels of life over the Earth

The spirit of the planet suffers with the souls and the Kingdoms of Nature, it suffers with ignorance and evil, it suffers with the indifference of the hearts regarding their mission of making the life that dwells on it evolve.

What I tell you, child, is not a fantasy; I reveal a mystery to you, which humanity as a whole has never wanted to accept or understand, because if it knew that the planet has a spiritual life of its own, which suffers for everything you live on the surface, human life should be very different.

This beloved spirit of the planet, child, is silent and will speak to the world through the movements of Nature, movements that will show man that human actions have consequences that are not only physical, but also, and above all, spiritual.

And it is by means of these movements – which will be intense and painful for many – that some will awaken and will question the meaning of their own life.

You, who read this message and is conscious of what I tell you, pray for the consciousness of the planet; unite with this mystery of higher life and discover, in your heart, that a part of you lives within this spirit that sustains the Earth and, just as it feels and lives the consequences of all actions, of all human feelings and thoughts, you can also feel it and, with this spiritual act of unity with the Creation, leave a sign of hope to the Father, who created you to live the perfect unity with everything that is Life, in all dimensions.

I leave this impulse with you so that,
by yourself, you delve in this mystery and unveil it.

If you at least try to do it with your heart, you will understand many things, and, through your act of love and of unity with the consciousness of the planet, many unbalances will be avoided.

Because, in spite of everything, child, it is still  possible to live a learning based on love and on the awakening of consciousness for the higher life; it is enough that you open your heart.

Your Father and Companion, This One who teaches you to live unity with the living consciousness of this beloved planet. The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Message of Saint Joseph, of May 05, 2016

 This is our last impulse about Wather!

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