The Network-of-Light of Rio de Janeiro has been rendering monthly services in the community of Guapimirim, a town of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The work consists in donating what is raised during the whole month with distributors and traders of the ridge area of the that State. Besides donations, also medical assistance is provided.

The group that conducted the task used to be very big, but the demand of servers in other areas, now it is carried out by a single volunteer of the Network-of-Light of the town. She counts on the help of her children and other collaborators who have taken on the work.

The activity has been carried out since 2010, in partnership with the Espaço Nosso Lar (Space Our Home), an assistance Spiritist institution that helps needy communities and children with donations and offers artisanship courses.

The material usually donated are clothes, footwear, diapers, educational material, blankets and toys in good conditions of use; and foods, such as milk and food kits.

Juliana, a member of the Network-of-Light, comments: “This community is needy in everything. The lack of resources is very great, as well as the state of poverty”. And she adds: “Talks have been given touching on general themes of health, hygiene and education. Talks by Trigueirinho have also been listened by the group. Our service is open to everyone in the  place”.