The Venezuelan Maria Josefina is the leading figure in today’s story of the “Voices of the Shelters” – a unique story, which combines the courage and determination that guided her in the search for happier days for her and her family in Brazilian lands. With a deep feeling of gratitude, expressed in the sparkle of her eyes, Maria Josefina tells us of her life journey.

Since her sister came to Brazil in search of a treatment for her daughter, who although receiving medicine, still died, her desire to immigrate to Brazil kept getting stronger in the face of the precarious conditions being experienced in Venezuela.

The mother of 10 children, here she can give birth to twins in safety. Together with the family, she walks a new path, permeated by hope, in search of dignity and security.

With gratitude for the whole welcoming network: the Humanitarian Fraternity (FFHI)UNHCRADRA, among so many other agencies that tirelessly work in the humanitarian response in Roraima, Maria Josefina says proudly that her children are in school, and reveals her desire: to study again as soon as the necessary documents come from Venezuela.