Missão UruguaiDate: May 2016
Dolores, Uruguay

After the destruction of part of the city by a tornado of high intensity, Fraternidade organized this contingent mission to provide assistance to the affected population. The emergency response had its main focus with the committee of reconstruction constituted to support the efforts of return to normality. With missionaries already trained in this kind of activity composing the team, the mission allowed a deepening of the missionary experience in post-natural disasters logistics, and also enabled the group to somehow share the human psychic pain of those who suffered the violent and sudden loss of all or of great part of their material belongings.


  • Logistic support to the committee of reconstruction of the city, by means of the organization of stocks of clothes, food and hygiene and cleaning products.
  • Visits and conduction of ‘circle of listening’ and talk with the homeless housed in the gymnasium of the city.
  • Visits and humanitarian support to damaged residences and institutions.
  • Support to the installation, elaboration and distribution of foods in the emergency refectory.
  • Support to the reconstruction of affected residences.

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