The Community-of-Light of the Nova Terra, affiliated to the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, and located in the region of Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is conducting a work of harnessing of food among the rural communities of the Gamboa Ridge. Food in good conditions that were going to be discarded are used to feed hundreds of people and animals.

The work of harnessing of food has always taken place in the Community-of-Light, but it has been very intensified in the last years. Today it involves about 15 rural producers who donate their products. Food such as rice, beans, fruits, vegetables, leaves and groceries in general that are out of the market standards and have lost their commercial value, which would be discarded, sometimes because of a little knead or a different aspect.


When a producer informs the availability of the food, the Community-of-Light convokes adults, youths and children to go fetch the products with the truck. There is food collection almost every day and, sometimes, more than once in a day.

After arriving in the Community-of-Light, the food is distributed to the Community-of-Light of the Nova Terra, families that live in the region, houses for elderly people and also for the animals supported by the Community-of-Light.

“Part of the food goes to the Hut Saint Francis of Assisi that is here in the Community-of-Light and that makes contact with the poor families of the region. If the amount is very large, we also distribute to other institutions”, said Nádia Moya, a resident of the Community-of-Light of the Nova Terra.

About 200 beings are benefitted by the harnessing of food.

“This is a very important work in the current moment of the planet: fighting waste, harnessing all that humanity produces in excess. By means of fraternal distributions we are taking food to those who have nothing”, completed Nádia.