Last Saturday, 24th of September, the Tibetan Park School of the House of Light on the Hill, located in the town of Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, and affiliated with the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, celebrated the Spring Festival. The event had the participation of the children of the early childhood education and teachers, and included all the families of the community.

The festival, which marked the beginning of spring, brought to the children the possibility of perceiving and experiencing the transformation of nature.
“With the end of the winter and the beginning of the spring, nature is born again and renews itself. It is time to contemplate the flowers, the butterflies and the explosion of colors that takes over gardens and flower beds”, said Anália Calmon, the principal at the Tibetan Park School of the House of Light on the Hill.

The festival began with a prayer with members of the Grace Mercy Order in the garden right at the entry of the school. The place seems to have sprung from a fairy tale. “We have created a more protective, more magical and angelical atmosphere. The little children still have a very great connection with the Angelic Kingdom and the idea was to bring this lightness, this beauty and the colors. We hope we can also blossom our hearts just as the flowers in the explosion of spring”, said Anália.

The event lasted during the whole morning and had games, presentations, music and a lot of activities. Many flowers brought by teachers, parents and family members served for the work of the children in the workshops and in the gardening. A tree was planted with the help of the children. The whole garden of the school also received new plants. The presentation of the Theater of the Seed was done, and it told the story of seeds that have become flowers.


Workshop of Garlands and Flowers
One of the activities that engaged many children and parentes was the workshop of garlands. The garlands were made using the vine that exists in the yard of the school and decorated with many flowers and leaves.


Wheel and chants of spring
At another moment of the festival a great wheel was formed outdoors with all who were present. Accompanied by the flute, the guitar and percussion, the group sang songs that talk about nature.

During the event, a vegetarian snack was served with natural juices and teas made by the mothers of the school. “In a time when the true values are lost in the ‘technological modernities’, we have, as educators, the task of recovering the simple, the beautiful and the true, cultivating genuine seeds that will be offered to the children who will inherit a new Earth”, completed Anália.