The monastic path concerns an intimate willingness of ours to have the quest for God or the One as a priority in our lives. This path invites us to give priority to this quest for inner union, considering the other questions of life as an opportunity of collaboration with what we know as evolutionary plan.

With this disposition, the beings that offer themselves to the monastic path dedicate themselves to a life of gradual surrender and of an oblivion of human targets, starting to recognize that there is an Immaterial Aim, an impalpable destiny to which they begin to submit themselves.

Fraternal coexistence, in which equality and silent collaboration permeates daily routine, is at the basis of monastic life. Prayers, silence and studies should compose the everyday activities of those who enter this monastic school and start to recognize a Presence, which silently  atracts the Mystery and impulses them to the consecration of life.

Service is also a part of this monastic path. A monk or a nun is led to learn that they will only be really able to commune with the Most Highto the extent that they may dedicate themselves, with the same value and effort, to the welfare of their fellow beings and of the kingdoms of nature with which they coexist and evolve. Without this, they perceive that their surrender is relative to the personal processes, which do not attract the higher Christic values that characterize the monastic spirit, such as compassion, forgiveness, patience and inner balance.