The Sacred Week will happen from April 14 through 21 in Carmo da Cachoeira, Brazil

The Marian Center of Figueira has already begun the preparations for carrying out the Sacred Week, an ecumenical meeting that takes place from April 14 through 21 in Carmo da Cachoeira, MG, Brazil.

According to the organizers, the Sacred Week is a meeting of prayer done during Holy Week, which brings together people of different religions, cultures, and nationalities. Last year almost 1600 people participated in this same event, including devotees from 16 countries.

All of the liturgy of the Sacred Week is led by monks of the Grace Mercy Order, who use reflective readings, prayers, worship, and sacred songs, so that people may re-experience the steps of the Passion of Christ.

The organizers will soon give out further information on the event, such as registration and information about lodging, food, transportation, and other services to support the devotees and pilgrims who will participate in the Sacred Week.

For more information, contact:

(+55) 35 997 427 207

e-mail: centromarianofigueira@associacaomarí