The novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has inevitably triggered questions in humanity on the way of being and living on planet Earth, as well as fundamental philosophical questions: who are we, where did we come from, and where are we going?

Philosophers’ books are on the bestseller list, series of lives with specialists on the subject bringing together millions of spectators at a distance.

In this context, the website and the social networks of the Irdin Editora, created and founded by José Trigueirinho Netto, a spiritual teacher and one of the founders of the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), are presented as an alternative and a kind of oasis in the middle of the avalanches of information consumed during the period of social isolation triggered by the virus.

Aumentam buscas por obras de Trigueirinho durante a pandemia

The various subjects of the texts and the audio recordings, called sharings, have drawn attention during the quarantine, explains the general manager of the publisher, Evandro Leite. “We feel that people are, through need, looking for greater spiritual comfort and understanding about the moment that the world is going through,” he affirms.

In the last few months, the official channel of Trigueirinho on YouTube had a significant increase in the number of subscribers. Managed by Irdin, the channel has weekly posts of talks, besides short daily reflections with the series ‘Thoughts of the Day.’

“We try to focus on sharing some of this knowledge about the planetary transition, about immunity, about ways we spiritually strengthen ourselves,” says Evandro.

Having passed away in 2018, the philosopher offered more than three thousand sharings recorded live and is the author of 84 books that deal with subjects such as epidemics, the law of karma, the relationship with the Kingdoms of Nature, self-knowledge, meditation, prayer, and the coming of a new humanity that will live the principles of fraternity and compassion—subjects that address the interest of a group of people who are seeking greater introspection and reflection during the pandemic. “We perceive this through the comments of people on the networks,” says the manager.

Aumentam buscas por obras de Trigueirinho durante a pandemia

The books and CDs can be purchased or accessed through the publisher website, which has a large part of the works available for free download, the audios in MP3 and the books as PDFs.

To find out more about some specific guideline, simply use the search tool of the website with the key words or access the subject index available for consultation.

Aumentam buscas por obras de Trigueirinho durante a pandemia

Facebook and Instagram are other tools used to promote the dissemination of the work of Trigueirinho, which also has a channel on Telegram: @Trigueirinho

To learn more about the content produced over more than 30 years by the philosopher, access here: Instagram/Facebook Trigueirinho and Irdin Editora.