February 9 to 11, Friday to Sunday

Feb 9, Friday

In spite of the notifications made to the Aidamos (Indigenous leaders) about the overcrowding in the House of Passing, new Venezuelan immigrants continue to arrive at the place. There are not more mattresses nor room in the hangers to hand hammocks. The great amount of people also brought about the need of more food and of more personal hygiene and cleaning items.

The habitual medical attendance of Friday assisted 15 people. The medicines of the shelter and of the health center are no longer sufficient.

The artisanship works are being developed from the interests that arise: making of skirts, jewelry and learning of crochet for the making of little blankets at the request of the women themselves, as the nights are very cold.

Maintenance and cleaning are flowing with the teams coordinated by the Aidamos, although a daily impulse is necessary for the activity to take place.

Feb 10, Saturday

Many cases of vomit, of diarrhea and of high fever, both in children and in adults.

Some families are returning to Venezuela and others are going to Boa Vista. The flux of people arriving is greater and more continuous than of those who go to Boa Vista. The missionaries do not participate in this process because the people leave to the capital of the state of Roraima without communicating in advance.

Family conflicts and especially those which involve distinct groups continue to occur, and the social assistant and the psychologist of the Roraima Labor and Social Welfare Secretary (Setrabes) are informed and deal with them. The most serious cases are taken to the police station.

Today the team of missionaries of Fraternidade prepared the kits of personal hygiene and of cleaning. Baby diapers were donated. This material will be distributed next Monday together with the food.

Feb 11, Sunday

On Sunday, several Indigenous people used their time to have their hair cut, as one Warao person is a hairdresser. An attentive audience watch, and as they watch, they learn.

In spite of the current conditions in which the children live, they are always playing. Little lids and empty bottles become toys. The little ones are always happy with what they have.

The youths, in their turn, have fun with volleyball matches in an area of the House of Passing or at a court of the City Hall.

Preparation of the storage of the shelter to keep the food that will be distributed on Monday. Besides the food products, there will be distribution of personal hygiene items, as well as of cleaning articles and of diapers. This is why the place needs to be well harmonized.

In the afternoon, the team participated in a Mass at the house of father Jesus. This Mass in his house did not happen for a long time, as the place was being renovated. The Warao community was present. It is noteworthy that the liturgy is said in Portuguese, in Spanish and in Warao. Thus, the day closed in a very beautiful and blessed way for everyone.