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  • The principle of Fraternity permeates all the actions of the Federation. Fraternity presupposes the state of readiness to express the energy of the Higher Planes of Consciousness. In order to do thit, it is fundamental that all the group strive for the energy of the soul, so that there may be true fraternal union and co-existence among all the members.
  • Unity of Purposes must permeate the servers of Fraternidade, always aiming at the common good. This attitude, together with the pursuit of union at soul level, makes it possible that everyone to unite in the striving for a higher goal. For this to take place, each one will have turned to their own union with their inner levels.
  • The Service to the Kingdoms, in an unconditional and disinterested way, is a principle that leads us to the vocation of our soul, which is to serve and donate itself to the elevation of the human, animal, plant and mineral kingdoms. On the other hand, to the extent that we serve, led by our inner level, we will, also contribute to the accomplishment of the Divine Purposes. Permeated by this intention, we will end up raising all beings: both the ones that will receive help and the group that is performing the task.
  • Donation – All the actions of Fraternidade are free of charge and manifested voluntarily by the servers, who must be donated to a higher and elevated cause. This condition of “being donated” is the spring that propels the entire work, whose participation is a spontaneous, voluntary and un-remunerated activity.
  • Austerity – The principle of Austerity presupposes balance and harmony with the inner Being and with the One and Only Life, in such a way that we become more aware of the Universal Purposes. To the extent that each Collaborator adopts this inner attitude, the group as a whole will take a step towards austerity, this capacity that each one develops as they become thrifty, simple, practical, balanced, harmonious and precise both in their actions and gesture and in the permanent development and offering of their gifts.
  • Transparency – Transparency is a fundamental principle for the activity of a group willing to serve, because it considers, as a tenet, the unity of all around the Divine Principles that must permeate and support each task. It will manifest when each server express themselves in a true and fraternal manner, always taking into account that the group goal must prevail over individual interests.

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