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The Practice of Sports in the Indigenous Shelters Fosters Health, Tolerance, and Social Development

2020-04-18T11:41:58-03:00Apr-18-2020|Categories: News, News about the Missions|

In the context of immigration and sanctuary, such as is experienced at the border of Venezuela with Brazil, [...]

In Roraima and in the City of Manaus, Shelters Integrate Venezuelan Refugee Children and Youths with Recreational Activities

2020-04-06T20:32:18-03:00Apr-6-2020|Categories: News, News about the Missions|

Missionaries provide education and relaxation in activities adapted for special needs refugee children and youths. “Aunty, don’t you [...]

Chess workshops bring wellbeing and education to Venezuelan children and youngsters from shelters in Roraima

2019-12-03T19:46:37-03:00Dec-3-2019|Categories: News, News about the Missions|

Workshops have been held since May. Playful game helps in developing cognitive skills. “It's like two rivers [...]

Venezuelan indigenous people celebrate original culture in shelter for refugees in Roraima.

2019-08-28T10:45:14-03:00Aug-24-2019|Categories: News, News about the Missions|

The special program in commemoration of the International Day of the Indigenous Peoples on August 9 gathered children [...]

Head of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHRC) visits shelter of FIHF in Boa Vista

2019-08-19T08:06:39-03:00Aug-18-2019|Categories: News, News about the Missions|

Fillipo Grandi talked with Venezuelan Indigenous people and closely verified the humanitarian response offered in support of the [...]

Agroecological Garden is successful among indigenous refugee children in shelters administered by the Fraternidade in Roraima

2019-07-10T11:58:00-03:00Jul-10-2019|Categories: News| Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation develops several activities directed to refugees in the five shelters it manages [...]

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