Humanity is awakening

Even before current reality, humanity is awakening for a splendid fact: it is beginning to understand that it is only in the spiritual level that it will be able to find what it calls security. Although this word reflects a mentality typical of the tridimensional world, and not of the higher world, common man needs to know that security exists, in order to be able to become tranquil and thus make contact with the Supreme, which is the Greater Law itself, divine Law.

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This position is considered difficult, because by means of it the human being has to learn to remain tranquil even when it seems they are doing nothing. Few know that the most intense work is internal, and, in order for it to take place, in certain cases the external activity needs to be reduced or transformed in something anonymous, which does not catch people’s attention. This makes possible the concentration of the mind and the discipline of the senses, the decrease of desires and the calming of the emotions. Conditioned to analyzing, calculating and trying to understand everything, the human being, before these moments of apparent stagnation, judges themselves useless, fruitless and their human ego becomes melancholic.

There are students who still seek the description of these states, but now the time has come to transcend them all. Let it be known that this apparent inaction, which makes the personality restless, is a very dynamic state in the inner planes. There are polarities in the human being that in these moments combine their efforts. May man give up understanding his own conflict, not to exalt it even further.

If the thinking mind does not resign, the higher work is not done

The spiritual purification in each being arises internally and is a secret movement, not an intellectual decision. It is organized by greater cycles and by the intelligence that exists in the human being itself and outside it. Each Internal Being – or Spirit – knows the limits of the incarnated or disincarnated ego; it knows, therefore, how to conduct its purification. Those who provoke their own purification artificially, without inner consent, have ambition reflected on their face, by means of the marks of restlessness. It is useless to dedicate oneself to spiritual exercises and practices if the degree of purification yearned is not consented by our Greater Being, our Spirit.

We openly talk about the Spirits because they are today more in contact with tridimensional men than they were up to a short time ago.

To perceive there is the guidance of the Spirit

To perceive there is the guidance of the Spirit can lead us to be serene before the great mystery of synthesis, a state that cannot be described in words. Thus, one lives in a more whole manner, without divisions, although the tridimensional laws and their necessities continue to exist. Letting the “law be fulfilled” or destiny have development without reactions is the art that approaches us from the Truth. As has been said, the spiritual work of today does not require artificial stimulus from any energy center, physical organ or psychic area.

The Internal Book, mentioned by so many Instructors, says that after thousand of battles, the warrior becomes ready. This book, which is not in libraries of the physical plane, is found when it is expected the least, when nothing else is coveted and nothing else there is to ask God. At this point, the relationship with the Supreme is a continuous and unconditional offering made with simplicity and naturalness.

Every human being will receive help to conduct their transition to the future times, as long as they fulfill their part wholly.

Book by Trigueirinho: Páginas de Amor e Compreensão (“Pages of Love and Understanding”, in free translation)
Text extracted from the chapter:  A oferta incondicional do homem ao Supremo (“The unconditional offering of man to the Supreme”, in free translation)
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