The Nucleus-of-Light “Sacred Sky” in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, held its quarterly meeting of revision of the activities of the group and of projection of the coming cycle of activities The meeting took place on Saturday, March 3, 2018.

The theme “Times of Transcendence” inspired the meeting, which had the presentation of the choir and the participation of approximately 100 collaborators.

The voices and instruments of the choir opened the meeting chanting “Sacred Sky”. The lyrics of this song is a prayer especially transmitted for the protection of the task of all servers of the Nucleus. In a very beautiful presentation, there followed the song “Lis-Fatima”, from the album “Message of Healing”, launched by Irdin Editora publishing house. And, making a reference to the theme of the meeting, the choralists offered the canticles of two attributes from the group “Transcendence”, one of the seven groups of the monasteries of the Grace Mercy Order: “Decided, to head to your Destiny” and “To keep the tempering that leads to perfection”.

Friar Thomas, a monk of the Grace Mercy Order and the coordinator of the Monastery Door of Divine Mercy, located in the Nucleus-of-Light of Sacred Sky, commented the message of the spiritual philosopher José Trigueirinho sent to the group on the occasion of this quarterly meeting. Trigueirinho wrote that “this is the moment for all of us to transcend our personal and group situations, in the context of the difficult situation that the planet is living”. And he highlighted that “the attributes of the group ‘Transcendence’ will certainly offer the correct energy for all to manage to vibrate positively before so much need of collaboration”.

The group of collaborators was invited, during the next three months, to study a part of the book Supermundane – Inner Life (Book One), by Helena Roerich. This work brings keys that help the transcendence of aspects of the inner world that no longer correspond to the current evolutionary stage of the being.

The general needs of the Nucleus-of-Light and its several fields of activity were discussed. A campaign was launched of raising resources for the purchase of a new truck. The current vehicle, much used, needs to be replaced. It is used for different important movements, such as: raising of donations of foods and other materials, transportation of equipment and objects, etc. the service of the truck is not restricted to the Nucleus-of-Light of Belo Horizonte, as it renders service to the Communities-of-Light and to several sectors of the work.

The meeting ended with an ecumenical communion and the participants received a little leaflet with the 12 attributes of the group “Transcendence”.

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