November 23, Tuesday, at 8 p.m. (Brasília Time)

Theme: Times of Definitions

​ In this lecture, Trigueirinho will continue to answer the questions sent by e-mail, having present times as its main focus. It will be an opportunity to reflect about the questions that mark the current moment of humankind and the transition through which the planet passes.

The lecture will be transmitted through the site Comunidade-Luz Figueira and questions may be made beforehand by the e-mail

José Trigueirinho Netto, a spiritualistic philosopher, is the idealizer and founder of the Community of Figueira. He is the author of 78 books, published in Brazil and abroad, and also shares his message in lectures recorded live.

This work is one of the vehicles of the new phase of the teaching that the Spiritual Hierarchies have been transmitting to humankind.

At the website of Irdin Editora, more than two thousand lectures of Trigueirinho are recorded and available.