On the last January 30 and 31, the Network-of-Light promoted in the Community-of-Light of Nova Terra, in Teresopolis, State of Rio de Janeiro, a voluntary group service of building and cleaning of several structures of the Marian Center of the Child-King.


On the first day of service, about 120 participated, all of them from the Network-of-Light of Rio de Janeiro. On Sunday, there were 64 people, with the participation of a group of the NGO named The House, from Teresopolis.


The objective of the volunteer group service was to expand the space of the Marian Center. In this regard, the building of the House of Prayer and the preparation of the place for the building of the Fountain of the Sacred Heart of Jesus were started, with the physical cleaning of the place and removal of old fences.

After two days of intense activities, the group service was finished with a “sharing” of Pama.

nova_terra_mutirao3“It was a very positive experience, not only for me but also for other brothers and sisters. An opportunity of being in contact with nature and inside the Marian Center. I felt a joy as I did not feel for a long time. I only have Gratitude to express”, said Maria Lígia Sanhaço, a member of the Network-of-Light of Rio.

The works at the Marian Center of the Child-King will continue in the daily routine of the community and during the voluntary group services. The next one is already scheduled, and will take place from February 5 thru 10.