Reports of the Network-of-Light – texts sent by members of the groups of service

On the week-end of May 27 and 28, 2017, the Nucleus-of-Light of Figueira in São Carlos, state of São Paulo, Brazil, held the first regional meeting of youths, when there was a massive response of members from several cities connected to the Nucleus-of-Light.

During the whole week-end, the youth participated in an intense schedule of prayer, service and instruction, and could practice an immersion in important contents of the work. One objective of the meeting was to bring and disseminate to the participants broader concepts about what life is.

It is about the scope of this content, which sometimes may seem strange to our daily reality, that we will reflect upon in this little article, in the faith that nothing we experience occurs by chance. As we walk in the certainty that each instant lived by oneself or in group brings in itself a vaster wisdom, we will try to unite and reflect about how two days of work and study unite in theory and in practice what we try to unite and understand about Universal Life.

Greater Life, Planes of consciousness, Divine Hierarchies, Law of Correspondence. Interwoven precisely under the conduction of Mother Maria Cleonice, these themes were unfolded and presented to the youths, some of whom were visiting the Nucleus for the first time. And as our minds received the contents and tried to frame them, the energy of instruction worked and expanded the consciousnesses that were present.

Contemplating Universal Life is a great challenge for the human mind, because it can hardly dimension the size of its small planet in a solar system, almost “falling” from one of arms of our Milky Way. But precisely the younger minds find smaller resistance and manage to absorb contents in a more natural manner than many adult consciousnesses.

And upon dealing with the Law of Correspondence, we studied how the tests and graces we live nowadays are connected with greater movements in this Universe, and how a Greater Light that arrives from a big and far-away Sun, which makes the structures that do not lean on the truth tremble, affects our life and that of our family members.

Thus, in this learning of how to make theory into an experience of life, while in a morning we reviewed these Universal contents, on the following day we went to the Home for the Elderly Pensionato do Aconchego, in the intention of bringing the maximum of light and love for the souls that live there. On the occasion, we celebrated three years of services rendered in the Home, in a feast of joy, music and prayer.

And with special care we dedicate this piece of reflection, for we have the faith that one does not live nor understand the greater laws of this Universe, without firs manifesting the First Law, the Law of Love. And that we cannot see the Universe while we forget the souls that are our brothers and sisters who suffer by our side.

The work in the Home for the Elderly shows us a deep pain of abandonment and loneliness and, again, reminds the aspiring souls at service how much this planet needs Forgiveness, Redemption and Mercy, and how little our miseries are in the face of what we see when we decide to leave our comfort zone.

We sang, danced and smiled with our brothers and sisters from the Home for the Elderly.

We closed this day with deep gratitude in our soul and with Faith that this small and brief meeting also had its consequences in the Greater Life, as it had them in our hearts.