At the Communities-of-Light, the songs are seen as instruments for inner healing and spiritual elevation. They evoke harmony and stimulate the listeners to the quest for their essence. Music also plays a therapeutic role, because it creates an aura of serenity and peace, fundamental for treatments in general, as it helps the alignment of the beings with their own souls.

The meeting of Music for the Healing and Upliftment of Humanity is a request of the Divine Mother and consists of a spiritual exercise destined to planetary healing. A special moment that takes place on the 23rd of each month, with the aim of upliftment the human consciousness by means of music.

During these meetings, the Marian Centers become Points of Light, radiating Peace and Harmony to the whole planet; they are moments in which the music of the heart becomes a path that invites us to the healing and to the upliftment of consciousness.

Live transmission on the 23rd day of each month at 8 p.m.


Get to know some music albums produced by us, which open the path to inner contact.


There are choirs at the Communities-of-Light, as a support for the whole spiritual work, which perform to the public during events offered to the collaborators and people who draw near the work.

It is also worth mentioning the choir and the songs that support all the apparitions of the Divine Messengers, permitting the internalization of all who participate in the works, whether physically or through the internet. The atmosphere created by the choir greatly helps the process of reception and transmission of the messages by the visionaries of the Grace Mercy Order.