The Community of the Brotherhood, located in the region of Cordoba, Argentina, promotes from December 18 thru 20, the Meeting for service to the Kingdoms of Nature and syntony with the Indigenous Conciousness.

The participants in the meeting will be those groups which are nearest to the Planetary Center or those which follow more regular rhythms, such as the Network-of-Light of North Argentina and its volunteers from Capilla del Monte, the capital Cordoba, Mendoza and Trás las Sierras.

During the three days of the meeting there will be work in the vegetable garden and the gardens, cleaning of the river, with the removal of fallen trees and preparation of protection against the frequent floods in the region. The area of the well of water collection will be harmonized and syntonies will be performed with mantrams of contact with the elements and kingdoms of nature and with the indigenous consciousness.

Additional information:
(+54) 11 21506945