Bandeira BrasilDate: December 2015
Mariana, Minas Gerais

In response to the environmental tragedy caused by the breaking of a tails dam, with the pouring of billions of liters of contaminated mud over the region, Fraternidade conducted this contingent mission to bring humanitarian assistance to the region. The work focused on the shelter for rescue and attendance to the animals stricken in the vicinity of the city of Mariana, the missionaries having the opportunity of offering their love and service to collaborate in the closing of internal and external wounds of so many innocent beings unjustly affected by what was considered the biggest Brazilian environmental disaster.


  • Organization and logistic support to the infrastructure of attendance and shelter of animals.
  • Organization of the stock of medical-veterinarian implements and those of feeding.
  • Treatment and accompaniment of small-sized animals.
  • Rescue and help in the attendance of fauna, including big-sized animals, rescued from the places affected by the mud outpouring.

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