The current state of degeneration of all the Kingdoms of Nature makes us reflect upon how much we need to offer ourselves as human beings to mitigate this imbalance, which affects not only humankind as a whole, but all the manifested universe.

Despite the serious threat that this situation brings to the planet, here arises an opportunity of evolving and growing in awareness, through the daily practice of disinterested and unconditional service to all the expressions of life. The self-offering to the dissemination of good and love, be it for our fellow men, be it for the Animal, Plant and Mineral Kingdoms, is a requirement that permeates all the work, carried out in a group and fraternal manner in all the sectors of Fraternidade.

The Communities-of-Light and the Associations of Service aim at collaborating with the Kingdoms of Nature, including those that are not tangible and visible to human eyes, such as the Elemental, the Devic and Spiritual Kingdoms. This close, integrated and cooperative work, between the groups of human service and the kingdoms, brings about the sense of unity and union with the Work of the Creator.

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Just as the Plant and Animal Kingdoms, the Mineral Kingdom is very out of balance due to man’s action, especially concerning the water, scarce and extremely contaminated. As is known, the water is a key-element for the energetic and magnetic balance of the planet.

As happens at the Communities-of-Light, we seek the practice of the Principle of Austerity, aiming at raising the group awareness about the correct and conscious use of all the available resources. This raise in awareness brings about many practical actions, such as the reutilization of water, the use of solar panels as an energy source, the use of wood fallen from the trees, the use of solar stoves for cooking, the transformation of organic waste into compost, among other measures that are part of everyday life at the Communities.

In addition, the presence of the lakes brings a great opportunity for all who come close to these places to work in collaboration with the Mineral Kingdom, with the simple intention of serving in na unaconditional and selfless way. On the other hand, the emanation of subtle energies from these places is a major factor in the healing and the balance of the human bodies, as well as for the transmutation of the energies in the beings.

Essentially, the crops work as a source of food, but they have the silent task of cooperating with the human being in their integration with the parallel Kingdom of the Devas and the Mineral Kingdom. The tasks of preparing the soil, the cultivation, the pruning, the aggregation of compost and harvest take into consideration the communication with the structure of beings in the inner planes, such as the Devas, who sustain all the plant life in the planet.

Besides the question of production, which aims at feeding the beings, the integration and fraternal union with the plants is the most significant part of the work, without which the evolution of humankind and of the other Kingdoms does not take place. This awareness brings immense possibilities of the use of the plants for the healing of illnesses both physical and subtle, aside from helping as the basis for the therapeutic proceedings carried out at the Communities, especially at House Light on the Hill.

Having in view the adjustment of the tasks to this guideline, special groups at Community Figueira have been created, aiming at providing care to the Plant Kingdom. They are the Group of the Trees , the Group of Crops, the Group of the Seed and the Group of the Orchards and Gardens.

Each stable member who resides at the Communities-of-Light has as basic guideline offering to accept a dog that starts to be under their care and training, giving an opportunity for the animal to unfold its inner nucleus and thus to evolve

At these communities, some great-size animals, such as oxen and horses, are also accepted, which represents a symbolic gesture of offering to the development of a fraternal life in communion with human beings. Likewise, there is no exploitation of the animal, but there actually is a mutual donation between the kingdoms. In some cases, oxen are recovered from slaughterhouses, symbolizing a contribution to this expression of animal life.

In some situations, the work extends to dogs and cats. Many of them are castrated and receive vaccines, aiming at their recovery and the sending for care from others, always taking into consideration the continuity of this service of love offering to the animals. Other animals stay at the community, under the guidance of their respective tutors.

At Community Figueira, in Carmo da Cachoeira, is Sítio dos Reinos (Ranch of the Kingdoms), a sector linked to the House Light on the Hill. There, around 200 street animals have been accepted, many of them passing by an intense process of recovery due to neglect, violence, illnesses and wounds. Afterwards, they are offered to families of the region and to institutions that work with animal rescue.

Listen to the áudio of Trigueirinho about the themeicone-audio