Since May 2019, the Porto Alegre Light-Network has been working with APAC – Associação de Proteção e Assistência aos Condenados de Porto Alegre (Association of Protection and Assistance to Incarcerated People/RS, Brazil, in helping the rehabilitation and social reintegration of prisoners whose liberties have been taken away.

Rede-Luz Porto Alegre

The institution has as its main objective the humanizing of prisons, and develops a method of human perseverance linked to spirituality to offer prisoners conditions of resocialization, through the offer of supplementary and vocational courses, as well as work in the institution itself, to avoid idleness.

There, prisoners are co-responsible for their recovery, and have spiritual, medical, psychological and legal assistance, as well as family involvement.

In order to implement Aldenize Fin’s initiative, it was necessary to take the institution’s volunteer course and, currently, the Light-Network has two other collaborators qualified for the task – Luíza Telles and Joanna da Silva.

Every Tuesday afternoon, the three volunteers meet with about 18 inmates, who participate spontaneously in the program. In the shared group conversations, prayers are made as well as encouragement to talk and listen.

There is also a moment reserved for reflection on related topics and for sharing of the work done by the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, through music and news about the services provided by affiliates, which focus on promoting the solidarity and congenial coexistence, between humans and the kingdoms of nature.

Rede-Luz Porto Alegre

In December, the group collected donations of food, clothing and toys to be distributed at Christmas to the inmate’s families, a gesture that was received and expressed by them, with great joy and deep gratitude, at the next meeting.

“I feel that being with brothers deprived of their freedom is a constant exchange of love and understanding. We are invited internally to be in each other’s place to be able to serve,” shares Aldenize.

To find out how to help with this or other Light-Network volunteer projects in Porto Alegre, please contact us at (51) 98504 0540 or email