The work of prayer, done individually or in groups, sustains the daily life at the Communities and also all the tasks carried out by the Network-of-Light, by the Groups of Missionaries, by the Nuclei-of-Light, by the Monasteries. In a word, everything that is done must be faced as a prayer, an offering of oneself to the Divine Purposes.

The openness to the highest levels of consciousness should be sought by all, not only by Monks and by servers during liturgies. This inner connection is what sustains the being, turning them into a channel for the expression of the Hierarchies and Christic love. Prayer promotes transformation and brings the necessary inspiration for the fulfilment of the works in group life. Another important point to be emphasized is the ecumenical character of the prayers, considering that the quest for the Divinity within oneself does not depend on the religious outlook of the person.

As is known, when we are in syntony with the Highest level, we cooperate in the transformation of everything around us, even without words, in a silent way. This praying state permits the connection with the essence of all things, bringing a higher quality to each action.

The Monasteries of the Grace Mercy Order, the Marian Centers and the Network-of-Light represent the foundations for the prayers to be the silent sustenance of the Communities and of all the spiritual and fraternal work carried out.