LíbanoDate:  May and June 2019
Place: Beirut and Beqaa Valley, Lebannon

In Lebannon, the refugee shelters are complexes of different sizes. They are not organized by international agencies. Most of them are supported by extremist groups. In the capital, Beirut, the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Missions FIHM offered its help and support to a Christian religious order.

In the region of the East of Lebannon, Beqaa Valley, a vast area with several cities and villages, we deepened and strengthened fraternal ties with the volunteers, residents and children of an Orphanage.


  • Support in cleaning and harmonization.
  • Selection of food and assembly of basic baskets for donation.
  • Artisanship workshops with Down Syndrome children.
  • Educational and recreational activities for children and youth, ages from 4 to 17.
  • Collaboration and support in the demands of maintenance and repair.

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