Fraternity is a very broad concept that is not just limited to a dictionary definition. In its deepest and spiritual sense, the concept of fraternity embraces many more virtues than just itself. In reality, Fraternity with a capital ‘F’ is the result of a sum of virtues, such as, for example, love, kindness, union and tolerance.

Since the Light-Communities seek to be, among other things, an expression of fraternity on the planet, tolerance would not cease to be one of the virtues for the heart of each resident or consecrated person living there.

Tolerance, in a certain way, is connected with understanding, the acceptance of others and their differences, their beliefs, and even their errors and mistakes. In the end, who is free of error? To tolerate is an indispensable action for someone who wishes to love.

In the Nova TerraLight-Community, affiliated with the Fraternity – InternationalHumanitarian Federation (FIHF), there is fertile ground for tolerance, since here, God assembled beings of diverse ages, origins, races, thoughts, points of awareness and maturity. In this aspiration to live true Fraternity, the practice of tolerance here is almost a daily activity.

To help another to grow is to tolerate and educate, without conditions or judgments, with the understanding that what is important is not the fall, but rather, to get up and continue on.

In the daily activity of the Nova TerraLight-Community, the practice of tolerance is not limited to age, but rather to the opportunity that is renewed in each moment. It goes hand in hand with patience, because each has a unique timing, mainly in educational processes, which are not just of schooling, but in the education of the soul.

Tolerance is one of the steps for someone who wants to love and understand another; without tolerance, there is no inclusion, and who can expect a planet with beings the same in all senses? Without inclusion, there is no fraternity, but rather, rigidity and prejudice.

Tolerance needs hands and hearts so as to be real on this planet, Here is an invitation to everyone who wants to practice this virtue!