Humanitarian help, as one of the pillars of Fraternidade, represents a significant field of development for all its affiliated associations.

The Communities-of-Light and the Nuclei-of-Light operate as a laboratory for the development and the expression of the human soul, because they receive beings who have been touched internally for the spiritual quest. They provide all the needed support for this awakening to take place according to Inner Life. As they offer themselves for the humanitarian service and for the fraternal group experience, the beings make a commitment with life itself, with their soul, because they know that they are involved with the expansion of the group consciousness.

The progress made has a transforming character for all, expanding itself in such a way that harmony and peace come into existence. At the communities, there arise countless opportunities for the beings to put into practice the principles that guide a fraternal life.

Within the process of receiving the volunteers and those who come to live at the communities, the therapeutic, medical, nutritional and instructional support is vital for the being to have a true expression in everyday life, both in the tasks and in the communitarian experience. The alignment of the physical, emotional and mental bodies with the inner Being is supported, especially through internal work and prayer.

The reciprocal help and sharing are a permanent practice: the collaborators of the Communities-of-Light are sent to cooperate with the Humanitarian Missions, which are under the responsibility of Fraternidade, and with the countless actions of the Network-of-Light, the House Light on the Hill and Community Nova Terra  , weaving one network of love and fraternal service.

In the field of humanitarian help and charity, Fraternidade works closely linked with the Associations of Service and the Monasteries of the Grace Mercy Order in various fronts of selfless service.

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Fraternal help transforming lives

Supply of daily communitarian lunch to the most needy,
building na awareness of vegetarian nourishment.

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Donation of healthy food grown at the Communities-of-Light to the poor regions.

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Medical, dental, psychological and psychiatric assistance.

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Donation of clothes, layettes, furniture, building material, etc.

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Lending of hospital beds, wheelchairs, crutches.

Reception and referral of persons in need.

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Monitoring of patients and home visits.

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Basic education to children, youngsters and poor families.

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Use of art as an instrument of consciousness recovery.