To donate, follow the steps below:

Step 01 – Click on the button “Donate Here” on the horizontal bar of the site or on the buttons of donations inserted in each Campaign. You will be referred to our secure page of donations.

Step 02 – – Select the Affiliated to which you want to donate.

Step 3 – Choose General Donation to donate to the Affiliate or select a specific campaign of this affiliate.

Step 4 – If you are not in Brazil, use this option to conclude the donation to the choosen Affiliate and Campaign.

Step 5 – Option 1

To conclude your donation, select one of the alternatives: Monthly or One-time option. In case you choose the monthly option, define the recurrence: 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. In the case of One-time Option, the fields of recurrence are not shown. The referred options will only be possible in cases of donations via Credit Card.

Step 5 – Option 2

Define the amount to be donated, which can be in the currencies: Real, Dollar or Euro.

Step 6 – Fill up the Data of Payment: Name, Surname, E-mail, and Telephone number with IDD

Step 7 – If you have opted One-time Donation, you may choose the form of payment: Credit Card or Bank slip*

*Attention: the option Bank Slip for the moment is available only to some Affiliates.

Step 8 –  Inform the data of the card: Flag, Name, Number, Expiration Date (month/year), Security code and click on Conclude Donation.

Step 9 – Your donation will be concluded with success if you receive this page as return. In case of doubts, get in touch with us: +55 35 3225 1233 or
We are very grateful for your Donation!

Why be a collaborator of Fraternidade?

SITE FFHI porque colaborar

The manifestation of the work, in any sector linked to Fraternidade, takes place through the collaboration of all: those who donate financial and material resources, those who offer to help with their abilities and gifts, those who follow rhythms and help in the tasks and the projects and those who reside in the communities.

This group activity, added to the fraternal help of all, is of utmost importance both for the accomplishment of the work and for the one who donates. We know that it is through charity, altruistic and disinterested service and prayer that we contribute to the elevation of the beings and to build peace.

On the other hand, as Fraternidade is a non-profit institution and does not charge for anything, the donations constitute the essential means for this fraternal work of love to be made concrete.