In a synthetic way, we may say that all the healing work done in the Communities-of-Light and the Nuclei-of-Light has as its basis the being’s connection with their inner Origin; it is the alignment and the unification of the personal will with the Higher Will of the individual themselves. Healing takes place effectively when the daily life of the individual is attuned and guided by their higher levels of consciousness. Therefore, the spiritual work of elevation of the consciousness carried out at these communities takes into account, primordially, inner healing: the rescue of the soul to its most elevated Purpose.

This striving for alignment permits the transformation of the being. Guided internally, the old patterns linked to the personal nature of the individual start to yield to new feelings, thoughts and actions, supported by a more elevated conduct. The connection with higher planes works as an aura of protection for the being, because the illnesses of the material plane cannot penetrate this higher level. Thereof comes healing.