Natal Rede-Luz Guarujá em Morrinhos

On the afternoon of December 18, a group of 4 members of the Guarujá Light-Network and 2 volunteers organized a surprise for 80 families of the Morrinhos III and IV Community. The latter, already registered with them, were presented with Christmas Baskets thanks to the support of friends, sympathizers, and 20 godparents, who, even without participating personally in group activities, identified with the transparency, intent, and objective of the group, and for 2 years have supported and collaborated in the expansion of this seed for the good. On this occasion, besides participating in the delivery, they also were willing to collaborate financially with the 36 items in each basket, assembled by the team.

Located on the coast of Sao Paulo, the Guarujá Light-Network has carried out various activities since 2014 in the Morrinhos IV Community in fraternal support, hospitality, distribution of maternity kits for pregnant women, educational movies for the children, among other things, according to the current needs and the willingness of the volunteers.

One of the activities that requires a great deal of effort and commitment is the providing of food, which occurs weekly for those people who are registered by means of an interview in order to understand the particular need of the family unit. They need special support and many of them count on that help for their own survival and that of their children.

It was a gradual process done by volunteers, the raising of the funds necessary to buy the products “was a true miracle! We could not imagine that possibility because there weren’t sufficient resources to buy all the supplies,” comments Rosi Freitas, coordinator of the Guarujá and SP Light-Network.

“Meanwhile, as we know, when we are on the correct path, the obstacles dissolve and the Grace of God manifest,” she confidently concludes.

The nuclei responsible for the initiative are affiliated with the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF).

To help in this or other volunteer projects, get in contact by telephone: +55 (13) 99788-7941 or by email: