Group life at a Community-of-Light aims at developing and expressing a new state of consciousness through a consecrated and ecumenical life of selfless and ecumenical service, where the beings of different origins may live in peace and in progressive harmony, through the exercise of fraternal coexistence and of donation and self-forgetfulness. It is dedicated to universal evolution. Through the experience of Christic principles of Love, it aims at a path towards an evolutionary life, of service and group learning.

Many forms of sharing life at the Communities-of-Light

Those who in their own cities join the principles of the Communities-of-Light. Thus, in their everyday life they aim at expressing fraternity and good through prayer, service and study. They follow rhythms at the Communities-of-Light, interacting and experimenting a selfless group life consecrated to the common good, taking these seeds to the places where they live.

Those who, touched by love and charity, work on a world scale, in rescue and in service. In this sense, they offer humanitarian assistance and help in situations of socio-environmental emergencies and of generalized public calamity, as well as in situations of risk and individual or collective vulnerability. The Missionary collaborators offer to act in missions of a temporary character and have at the Communities-of-Light the laboratory for their training and formation.

Those who, in response to an inner call, open a space in their lives to deepen the experience at the Communities-of-Light. Thus, they start living in these places for a longer period, though they still keep their links with their external life. During the period of residence, they assume, in primordial character, the patterns of consecrated life of the Community.

Those who, as a family nucleus, offer to live at the Community-of-Light, sharing a group life, constituting seeds of a new life over the Earth. The Residents-Family are willing to transform and elevate the patterns of human family life, aspiring to the patterns of the universal family, having as inspiration the Sacred Family: Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Those who, individually, decide to dedicate their lives to the manifestation of the Communities-of-Light, building and sustaining the basis of fraternal group life, oriented to the common good and to spirituality. As laypersons, they consecrate themselves to the experience of sowing patterns of a human life that turns to the life of the spirit.

Those who, out of spiritual vocation, consecrate themselves as Members of the Grace Mercy Order. Through an ecumenical monastic life, they try to live the Christic universal love, in an absolute life offering.

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What is necessary to contact a Community-of-Light?

It is not for one’s comfort and the satisfaction of desires that people come to a Community-of-Light. It is for the expansion of consciousness and the exercise of consecration of life in some degree that a Being aspires to this contact. This may happen for short periods of contact and group experience, for long periods or permanently.

General Basic Rules of the Communities-of-Light, aiming at the common good for all the degrees of participation

  • Defining with clarity your period of presence at the Community
  • Feeding in a vegetarian way
  • Remaining in celibacy during the stay at the Community
  • Being solidary and exercising the voluntary service
  • Joining the rhythms and liturgies of the Communities-of-Light
  • Living the Fraternidade

How is the circulation of money at the Communities-of-Light?

The Communities-of-Light and every manifestation of Fraternidade live exclusively on spontaneous donations from those who are inspired to help build a new humankind. The activities are carried out by volunteers and offered without any monetary aim.

How is work organized at the Communities-of-Light?

At the Communities-of-Light, work does not exist as a means of making a living, but as a way of expressing oneself, of developing skills, at the same time that each one serves the whole group and places their actions in an offering to the common good and to selfless service.

How those who live at the Communities-of-Light relate to external life? 

Each one is free to choose their form of participating at the Community-of-Light. The relations with the exterior will correspond to their degree of personal aspiration and to the level of responsibility and collaboration that they intend to manifest in the life of these communities.

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