The general manager of the Fraternity – InternationalHumanitarian Federation (FIHF), Friar Luciano, gave an interview with Patrick Santos for the program ’45 do Primeiro Tempo’ (45 of the First Half), which was aired on October 21 by Radio Jovem Pan, now also available on several streaming platforms.

Friar Luciano

During the interview, the subject was “Our consciousness is broader than the mind,” Friar Luciano spoke about his spiritual search, the teachings acquired throughout almost 30 years of living with the spiritual philosopher José Trigueirinho Netto, the founder of the Humanitarian Fraternity(FIHF) and the fundamental principles that guide the activities of its 25 affiliates: neutrality, impartiality, independence, humanity, care of the Kingdoms of Nature, and selfless service, done for the common good.

Friar Luciano also highlighted the activities of the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Missions (FIHM) in their response to social, natural and environmental disasters, assistance to refugees and immigrants, in Brazil and in various countries.

Asked about the challenges of our times, the general manager of the Humanitarian Fraternity (FIHF) explained: “we are living in a very particular time in the world. In many stages of this world, we have already experienced conflict-generating dissociative situations, although it seems that at this time, everything is converging and intensifying; and it’s important that we reflect on some situations inside and outside of ourselves, so we can find that place of strength, of alignment and understand how we can deal with all this in a more wise and balanced way.”