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The healing

The healing of a civilization, of a race or of a kingdom of Nature demands much more than the effort of isolated individuals – it needs a conjuncture that transcends the normal and current patters, one that has conditions to receive sufficient potent stimuli to overcome these patterns.

In the past, the Essene people manifested this profound aspect of healing. For this reason, one of the meanings given to the word “Essene” is “Therapist”, which is a certain sense is a reality, although broader than it may appear.

This people, besides working in the healing of the sick, had as its most elevated purpose the healing of humanity and of life on the whole face of the Earth – which took place to the degree that was possible in that epoch. The return of the Essene energy to the planetary surface is a need, as with this will be created the balance and the harmony required so that the goal of the Earth may be fulfilled.

Spiritually ascending

This return is also a response to the part of humanity that with insistence cries out for conditions of spiritually ascending.

There has always been an association of the Essene energy with the Christic energy, due to the fact that the presence of the Essenes in material life, in the past, prepared it to receive the vibration of the incarnated Christ.

The manifestation of the Essene energy can occur when the  inner potentiality of the beings is discovered. In this way was in the past, is in the present and will always be. The authentic accomplishments of divine quality emerge when the human beings find what is of divine in themselves and surrender to this.

Essence life reborn in our days is not necessarily a group life, it is not manifested by means of the gathering of individuals that assume an external code of ethics, as at the banks of the Dead Sea, more than two thousand years ago. This Essence life is in truth today a state of consciousness; therefore, it is not restricted to forms of co-existence, and nothing prevents a being from, in solitary conditions, partaking of this state, although certain individuals have the task of, together, bringing it to the concrete levels of existence, as is the case of so many pioneers of the modern epoch who undergo this important test.

Nova introdução dessa energia na aura do planeta

The new introduction of this energy in the aura of the planet will prepare the Earth to fully integrate to the cosmic Fraternity to which it belongs. This is the main objective of the rebirth of the Essence consciousness in the current times, and one of the reasons for this book to narrate certain experiences. The external changes through which the planet will go are a consequence of this greater step it is taking in an extra-terrestrial scale. For this reason, this reappearance is a significant realization in its cosmic trajectory, and not only in the evolution of the humanity that populates its surface.

When this energy penetrates a manifested sphere of existence, be it of individuals or of groups, it impels the sphere to expand to a planetary, solar scale and so on and so forth, encompassing increasingly broad fields. The approximation of a super-physical vibration to a being becomes possible when a series of disillusionments or removals of veils take place in them, who, living these changes, can unify to their deeper reality. Just as the human beings are being conducted to a higher existence, the Earth is being led to a state of consciousness composed of pure energies, depurated of violence, ignorance and lust. Although they represent the future, these energies as of now permeate those who seek them.

Although the receptivity to this spring of healing is still minimal in the great majority of human beings, vast are its repercussions when it is fully welcomed – which can be detected by the accelerated evolution of the individuals that dedicate to the quest for transcendence. These energies, which in past times made the Essene people emerge, have within them the same qualities of vibration of the sacred planets.

For this reason, they bring consecration to the Earth. The patterns of conduct of coming times will express themselves when deeper communions with these cosmic currents have been consummated in a significant parcel of terrestrial humanity, which can be considered pioneer.

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