June 15, Friday

In a home that shelters needy elderly people, in the city of Cairo, the humanitarian assistance of Egypt Mission began today, assumed by seven missionaries of Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation (FFHI). The home rescues elderly people of both sexes from the streets and offers them the opportunity of continuing their lives inside a home, with all attentions they need.

The home, assisted by Sisters of Charity of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, has a masculine ward and a feminine ward. The precincts present a lot of harmony and cleanness. The internees are also very well taken care of. All are Egyptian, except for a lady, whose nationality is unknown, due to the lack of documents.

Elderly people in different health situations co-exist: some show mental problems, others face physical diseases, locomotion difficulties, some live in wheelchairs and others spend their days in bed, due to sickness.

Moments of interaction

The group of Fraternidade, formed by four women and three men, arrived at the place at about 8:30 a.m. The missionary women interacted with the interned women, looked after the personal cares (hygiene, hair combing, nail-trimming, etc). They also participated in a little party offered to the interned women, with Egyptian music and gifts. Each woman received as a gift, with a lot of joy, a pair of hoops. The volunteers helped placing the earrings. Then, they helped serve lunch.

The missionary men conducted tasks of maintenance in the masculine ward, taking charge of the cleaning of the rooms. They also supported the serving of lunch and medication of the interned men.

Alone in the world

Washing of tablecloths

In the afternoon, three missionary women of Fraternidade helped the distribution of foods, the hygiene of the ladies and the care of small wounds. The fourth missionary accompanied two Sisters of Charity to a hospital, where an elderly man without family or relatives has been hospitalized in the unit of intensive care for almost two months.

The missionary men continued with the maintenance tasks. They busied themselves with the repair of the water heating system, the wastes in the water closet and the washing of the tablecloths of the refectories. They also helped the distribution of foods and medications to the elderly people.

The home is supported by twelve Sisters of Charity. They walk the streets of Cairo, identifying cases of greater risk and vulnerability, and welcome the elderly. Some arrive seeking help, whether food, clothes or medicines, and then return to the streets. However, most accept to stay in the place.

Egypt Mission will render humanitarian assistance in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, in Northern Africa, until next June 24. Those who wish to support this work of love and peace can obtain additional information by clicking here.