Saturday, January 28

Other four non-Indigenous refugees from Venezuela and one indigenous family were received in the CRI – Center of Reference to the Immigrant, in the city of Boa Vista, State of Roraima, Brazil.

A team of the Pastoral of the Children started the works of evaluation of the children, weighing, guidance of feeding and breast-feeding, and the accompanying of a pregnant Indigenous woman.

Activity of education and health with the children. They participated with great happiness in an oral hygiene class.

The visit of a pastor and representatives from the Evangelic Church that became interested in the work and invited the group to participate in a cult.

The reception of many donations of food, hygiene products and clothes. A truck with watermelon, obtained from a harvest that had the help of some refugees, unloaded the fruits in the CRI.   

“The work keeps growing and now it’s already gaining a new aspect also with the presence of the Municipal Civil Defense that is doing the CRI security day and night, with the responsibility also of managing the space”, said Luiz, a missionary of the Fraternidade – International  Humanitarian Federation.