Tuesday, January 17

Truck of the Water and Sewage Company of Roraima (CAER) conducted a work of cleansing of the sewage system of the CRI – Center of Reference to the Immigrant.

Several activities with the children and youths: haircut and artistic activities in the morning and promenade to the square near the CRI in the afternoon.

Warao Indigenous group exposed to sale in front of the CRI the artisanship they make.

Health attendance and accompanying of cases to the Health Center and to hospital.

Delivery of clothes and personal and oral hygiene items.

Teacher of the Warao ethnic group gives classes of chant, dance and arts related to the Warao culture to the children.

“The teacher is every excited and dedicated. He wants the Warao seed to sprout in the children”, said Rosa, a missionary of the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation.

Kitchen of the CRI kept activity during the whole day with the arrival of several donations of food.