Saturday, Feb 18

The group organized itself in the morning, into three fronts of work.

One team stayed in the school where they are lodged, and helped load the trucks with the donations and carry them to the gymnasium.

A second team stayed to fix lunch.

A third group gave continuity to the works in the locality of Pangalillo, 30 km from the city of San Javier, region of Maule. They conducted the cleaning and leveled the soil with the removal of debris of a house that had been destroyed by the fire. The access to this house was done walking along a two-kilometer track, as the path that can be driven is much longer.

A great amount of material was removed from the place, and scattered tiles were piled up. Then the missionaries helped building the structure of a roof where the kitchen will be located. The task was to cut and transport tree trunks to the place. They were used as part of the structure of the roof.

The tools taken by the missionaries in the task (shovels and a hand-cart) were left as a donation. The missionaries took water to the place.