To commemorate the Day of the Children, the group of the Guarujá/SP Light-Network looked for an alternative for interacting with the children of the Morrinhos IV Community.

Although the group does not connect their service activities to commemorative dates, October 12 has always been celebrated in the Community through open-air recreational activities. They are very important moments for the children, because they have new experiences, they expand relationships, experience integration with other children and socialize, which is essential in their formation.

Meanwhile, this year, because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the open-air activities couldn’t take place. And so that the celebration not pass by unacknowledged, the group sought to involve children in the theme of nature with activities that are generally not part of their routine.

Dia das Crianças Rede-Luz Guarujá

In addition to a packet full of treats, the group offered each child a ‘living gift: a seed.

“Each child took a small bag with a seed of a flower and the commitment to love, respect, take care of, and watch over the development of each seed,” says the coordinator of the São Paulo Light-Network, Rosi Freitas, who detailed how the souvenirs were organized: “the pictures of the flowers were [visibly] present, but the bags were purposely mixed. In this way, each child would be able to present to the group the result of the care and respect for the Kingdoms of Nature.”

Rosi also recalled how the lack of social awareness and the poor preservation of the environment are causing degradation on the planet, and stressed that “it is essential that everyone seek to be aware and have a respect for Nature and all its Kingdoms.”

“We already know that everything we sow, we shall reap… So, we are sowing a project to raise awareness and increase the value of the environment through plant decoration and landscape design. There is nothing better than transforming the environment through the colors of flowers and the scent of herbs. Who knows, maybe we can awaken a new outlook in these children,” Rosi enphasizes.

Dia das Crianças Rede-Luz Guarujá