The event “Consultation with NGOs and the UNHCR in South America” took place in Rio de Janeiro last November 21 and 22.

NGO’s from different working fields in South America were present.

The proposal was to listen to ideas; pledges, recommendations towards the First Global Refugee Forum, which will take place in Geneva next December 17 and 18.

Among the discussed topics were protection, education, innovation, socio-economic integration, aiming solutions for the refugees.

Invited by the UNHCR, the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation FIHF was represented by Clara, the Fraternidade FIHF’s General Coordinator in Roraima and Manaus, and Leda Garcia da Eira, Executive Secretary to the FIHF Council.

Besides meeting with some of the NGOs that also operate in Roraima, Clara stated that “It was very enriching to be able to share and learn about the experience of other initiatives in the territory of the South American continent”.

José Egas, the UNHCR representative in Brazil invited the Fraternidade International FIHF to compose the table on the 2ndday which topic was “Best practices in livelihoods in lasting solutions”.

Clara shared the project developed in the past three years with the Venezuelan Warao Indigenous women artisans, an example of a successful trajectory of humanitarian response and lasting solutions, which began in the shelter of Roraima and in November of this year reached São Paulo renowned Casa Museum, through the exhibit Ojidu – the Warao Tree of Life.

Clara concluded that “What was most important was to make visible the condition of the Indigenous Venezuelan immigration in the South American continent, a topic that we recommended to be discussed in the Global Refugee Forum” in December, in Geneva.

The event included the participation of refugees, the academy, groups of reflection, religious organizations, and the private sector, contemplating the social context.