In the Monasteries and at the Communities-of-Light all the necessary conditions are established for beings to be able to live a life that is ecumenical and consecrated to the spirit. This presupposes living according to the Spiritual Laws that govern the process of elevation of the planet. In this regard, it is necessary that the beings who are attracted to the work of the communities maintain a continual quest for the internal alignment, with the firm purpose of being channels of expression of the Inner Light.

In this context, the Communities-of-Light rely on two pillars for the sustaining of the work of consecration of the beings: the Monasteries of the Grace Mercy Order, and the Group Life at the Communities-of-Light and the Nuclei-of-Light. In this way, everyone who draws near this laboratory of self-surrender may exercise the consecration that takes place in different levels and degrees.

Prayer and work unite in a constant offering of the Being and constitute the conducting vehicles for the expression of the Divine Purposes, for goodness, peace and fraternity. These places serve as a “field of ecumenical spiritual life” so that the union of matter with spirit may take place in all levels of being.

The monks of the Grace Mercy Order and the Residents and Permanent Collaborators of the Communities-of-Light have their specific liturgies, and formal and rhythmic prayers propel this work forward.

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