Missão Congo

Date: April 2015
Place: Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

The mission had the objective of supporting attendance to the neediest, carried out by the Missionaries of Charity of Mother Teresa of Calcutta., Kinshasa, in priority attendance to helpless and disabled children and adolescents The houses-shelter instituted by the Missionaries of Charity in the capital of the Congo, were the main focus of the efforts of the volunteers of Fraternidade on this contingent mission. A mission that closed a cycle of pilgrimage of the missionaries in three African countries (Rwanda, Uganda and the Congo). The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a country devastated by social disorder, by extreme misery and conflicts of the most different natures. The missionaries of Fraternidade were in the situation of permanently radiating light amidst chaos, hatred and famine of a people that had lost hope for life. In the previously arid and weakened hearts will sprout the seeds of light sown during the days of total surrender to others.


  • Register of families in situation of extreme poverty.
  • Support in the distribution of donation of food to needy families.
  • School assistance for children with “unattended basic needs”.
  • Various cares for interned patients.
  • Recreational activities for children.

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