The Community-of-Light of Figueira will hold a Workshop on Agroecological Garden and Agroforestry Systems

Agroforestry comprises the form of land use in which ancient and traditional farming practices are rescued, combining tree species with agricultural and/or animal crops.

It is a production system that imitates what nature normally does, with the soil always covered by vegetation, a variety of plants together, helping one another, respecting the naturalnnual crops, perennial and fruit trees, and legumes.

The practice of Agroforestry

In Figueira, we seek to implement the practice of Agroforestry in union with the spiritual work.

We understand that, just as in the Community, in agroforest each one plays its role. And when we understand the importance of each mineral, of microorganisms, we understand the process of fruiting, the communication that exists between the trees, we can see the Kingdoms as a living organism that responds to the impulses of love and care that it receives.

From November 30 to December 2, we will conduct the Workshop on Agroecological Gardens and Agroforestry Systems.

In this workshop, we will begin the implementation of our agroecological garden, and will have the guidance of Bento Cruz.

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