The Community of the Brotherhood, located in the region of Cordoba, in Argentina, promotes next weekend, from November 27 through 29, the 4th Journey of Work for the Rebuilding of the Monastery, affected by a fire in September 2015. Seventy people are awaited, the majority of them from Argentina, Chile and Paraguay.the Community of the Brotherhood includes the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit and the Monastery of the Brotherhood

Comunidad de La Hermandad2To Maurício Guidetti, coordinator of the Community of the Brotherhood, the participation of more people in the events of the community is very important: “besides the physical building, it is fundamental the greater presence of the people, souls, for the development and consolidation of the Community that has as its bases serving the rescue and healing of the Beings. For this reason it is fundamental that people be present, participating”.

Comunidad de La Hermandad3

During the days of the meeting different activities will be done:”Uniting and supporting all the practical work, we fulfill intense and profound syntonies with the energies of the ERKS Center, confirming our offering to be instruments for its accomplishments also in the physical plane. As in the vigils of prayer, that help sustain the praying channel of the Marian Center”, completes Maurício.

The next Journey is already being programmed for the next month of December, and will have some innovations, such as the Marathon of the Mercy and the special date of December 8.

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