At Community of Brotherhood, fraternal life is sought in everyday life. Everything is shared with all and the activities are done voluntarily and in a self-offering to the Most High. Group life permits the expression of a new state of consciousness, oriented to the common good and the unconditional love to all the kingdoms.

Kingdoms of Nature

In the physical area of this community, there is an abundance of rocks and water, where a high quality well has been drilled. The buildings and all the occupation of the area destined to the work are based on the intensive use of the rocks, which emanate a subtle energy and enhance the healing work.

The plant kingdom is very widespread there and enables the development of various activities, such as composting, the vegetable garden and the work with the seeds, the fruit trees and trees that are native to the region. The Group of the Trees is being formed, as is happening in other Communities-of-Light. The cultivation and gardening comprise a wide work with the plants.

As for the animal kingdom, there are many dogs and cats, which are taken care of. In certain cases, they are castrated and receive vaccines. After the first cares, some of them are directed to the care of other people. Others remain stable at the community, under the guidance of tutors. In this region, there are also many birds and bees.

Work with the Group of Missionaries

A preliminary work with the Missionaries is being developed, especially those available for moments of emergency, for the installation and operation of ham radio stations. This device is very important in the support to the poor neighborhoods close by, as well as to support communication with the Network-of-Light.


The work of diffusion of the instruction is performed as an offering to all the people who want to participate. The transmissions of the “sharings” of Trigueirinho, Mother Shimani and Friar Luciano are done in many days of the week, besides the transmissions of the instructions of the Divine Messengers.

There is also a complete library of the work of Trigueirinho and other spiritual instructors for the residents of the Community-of-Light, for the guests or collaborators with defined rhythms.


At the community, there is a weekly meeting for the rehearsals of the choir, which give support to the syntonys and group meetings.