Missão ChacoDate: From January 2016 on
Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina

Chaco Mission began at the emd of January 2016, in a joint action of consecrated monastics of Grace Mercy Order and missionaries of Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation. The task of this Mission is to provide assistance to the aboriginal peoples of the region of the city of Resistencia, Argentina, mainly of the Qom ethnicity, in the Indigenous communities of Cacique Pelayo, Costa Iné, Mapic, Colonia La Leonesa and Puerto Tirol.

The rhythm of this missionary activity is quarterly and seeks to maintain a contact with the members of these communities in the intervals of these periods of three months, to deepen and be able to better meet their needs.


  • Giving medical/dental assistance
  • Donating clothes and food
  • Attendance to animals – especially dogs and cats
  • Support to the cultivation carried out by the peasants of these communities
  • Help to children and families.

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