Light-Network gives an impulse to the Animal and Plant Kingdoms in the first pilgrimage of 2020

On February 15 and 16, the first pilgrimage in 2020 to the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, took place, organized by the Light-Network of the Southern Region of Brazil. Twenty-three members of the groups of Bento Gonçalves, Camboriú, Curitiba, Florianópolis, Joinville, Londrina and Porto Alegre were present, plus 5 pilgrims that were visiting Aurora for the first time.

The group participated in the liturgy conducted by monastics of the Grace Mercy Order, which, besides prayers and mantras, included Adoration to the Most Blessed Eucharistic Body of Christ and a procession in celebration of the 162 years since the Apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Lourdes, France.



Encontro Rede-Luz Sul em Aurora

Members of the Light-Network, monastics and residents gathered in the Light-Community of Fraternity, in Aurora


Encontro Rede-Luz Sul em Aurora

Members of the Light-Network, monastics and residents gathered in the Light-Community of Fraternity, in AuroraOração e mantras no pinheiral.

Special attention was paid to the Plant and Animal Kingdoms, with everyone adhering to the proposed tasks. After a warm welcome was offered by residents and monastics, the pilgrims were gathered in a circle and were invited to reflect on the meaning of the activities that would be offered soon, a true manifestation of the spirit of fraternity and unity that permeates group life.

Once the work was described that needed doing, each one volunteered, according to their physical capability, personal preference or according to what their inner being indicated.

Encontro Rede-Luz Sul em Aurora

Work reflection and organization

Those who did not mind heavy work under the intense heat, volunteered for the vegetable garden, which needed some mineral adjustment: they applied limestone, potassium and phosphorus; they mixed the soil; watered some seedbeds and covered them with straw.

Others headed to the mandala of greens, also  needing care. They cleaned the seedbeds, freeing lettuce, radish, carrot, cabbage, pumpkin, spinach and tomato from the weeds that hinder the spontaneous growth of the foods that provide nourishment for the dietary needs of the community.

The seed handling was chosen by those who pay attention to details; first, the little seeds of Atelia glaziveana were carefully extracted from its bark, and one end was sanded to bring about germination; then tiny seeds of eucalyptus and Leucaena leucocephala were planted in trays.

A fourth group dedicated themselves to painting the wood that would be used in building a fence for storing the organic waste for composting.

And those who cannot resist the canine appeal, were delighted with the offer to bathe the eight dogs that kindly and nobly represent the Animal Kingdom in Aurora.

Encontro Rede-Luz Sul em Aurora

Care of the Animal Kingdom.


Encontro Rede-Luz Sul em Aurora

Preparation of fence for composting


Encontro Rede-Luz Sul em Aurora

Delicate handling of seeds.

“This pilgrimage was very special, we were welcomed with great love and with a beautiful program that included attunement, prayer and service for the Plant and Animal Kingdoms.

A fundamental task of the Light-Network of the Southern Region is to serve the Kingdoms of Nature, a task that infuses us with peace and joy, this pilgrimage strengthened our bond with Aurora and encouraged us to be more present in this transforming place,” states Lucia Sirangelo, the Regional Coordinator of the Light-Network of the Southern Region.

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