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  • Daily offering of hundreds of meals to all those who live or visit the Communities-of-Light;
  • Production of foods, such as molasses, soy, grains, bread, greens, vegetables, corn, flour, among others, to supply those who live, vitis the Communities-of-Light and also for charitable service;
  • Support to therapeutic and charitable volunteer group service;
  • Supply of food offered at schools and workshops for children and teenagers;
  • Sustenance of hundred of animals, both resident, received, retrieved from the streets;
  • Maintenance of areas of permanent maintenance, legal reserve and native vegetation, preparation of soil for cultivation, vegetable garden and orchards, intervention, restoration and pruning of trees, harvest and preparation of seeds for donation;
  • Preservation of ponds and rivers.

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Sustenance of Cultivations in the Community-of-Light of Figueira

The Fraternidade in Action

The Communities-of-Light represent the seeds of a new life and create the bases for the deepening of spiritual quest.

In this context the cultivations represent an important segment that touches and encompasses all the other sectors that comprise the Community-of-Light of Figueira.
Each one who participates in the activities and group tasks within this sector can experience, besides the objective accomplishments, a profound contact with the seeds that are kept within them. Latent, they await impulses, appropriate soil and care to manifest themselves. When this happens, we can cultivate them with the Good that dwells in us and see them flourish little by little. More vitalized and thriving, they flourish in matter, as within us. They receive what they need, fruitify and donate in even great proportion.

Example of what we could be. Channels of the Greater Life, which in silence and resignation receive Life from Above and fulfill themselves in life, expand and reach those who need them the most.

We invite you to the practice of group experience, the exercise of fraternity and offering of self. Come visit us, learn about and participate in this work that aspires and sows Love.

Organic agriculture

“Plant Kingdom: manifestation of beauty, harmony, magnetism, quest for light, expression. Of the Divine Aspect of Compassion.”


“Those who unite through charity have in Common Good their treasure”

Mother Teresa of Calcutta