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Project Description

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Maintenance of the Nuclei-of-Light

The Nuclei-of-Light operate as cells linked to Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, where opportunities are open to all who aspire to broaden their consciousness and collaborate with the dissemination of good and harmony among the beings.

Through altruistic and disinterested service, people find in the Nuclei-of-Light a doorway to the deepening of the spiritual quest and perfecting of fraternal coexistence. Countless activities support this quest. These include prayer, accomodation, vigil, chanting, crops and herb cultivation, study groups, therapeutic procedures, food preparation and medical consultations.

In the Nuclei-of-Light a prayer work permanently connected to the Marian Energy is carried out. The contact with the Marian Centers installed at the Communities-of-Light benefits the deepening of prayer under the Universal Mantle of the Virgin Mary, in behalf of peace and fraternity on the planet.

In agreement with the same philosophy of the spiritual work followed at the Communities-of-Light, all the tasks in the different nuclei are done by volunteers and sustained by spontaneous donations.


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It is located in the northern region of the city of Belo Horizonte, the capital of the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. This Nucleus operates and develops projects that aim at the awakening and the broadening of consciousness, with the starting point of building the bridge between mind and heart, having in view an experience of fraternal group life harmonized with the One and Only Consciousness.

In this Nucleus-of-Light, the Monastery Door of the Divine Mercy, linked to the Grace Mercy Order, is active. On a daily basis, it shares liturgies with all those present in the Nucleus, vivifying and radiating the energy of consecrated life.

The House of the Children (Casa das Crianças), an extension of the Nucleus, is located in the same city. It develops a wide service of attendance to the population, offering various workshops. At its central headquarters, it has a daily rhythm and several practical activities open to those who are willing to participate.

In all days of the week, there happen vigils of prayer, accommodation, therapeutic procedures, food processing, gardening and cultivation tasks. Activities connected to art, sowing and music workshops as well as studies with philosophic and spiritual studies take place. In the field of healing, stand out medical psychological and dental consultations, besides physiotherapy and therapeutic procedures.

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