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The Community-of-Light of Fraternity of Aurora is a manifestation of the life of the spirit, an island of salvation, a space on the surface of the planet where we seek to experience new patterns of evolutionary behaviorwhich may lead us to live in harmony, fraternity and brotherhood with all Kingdoms.

It is a sacred placewhere we live in prayer and simplicity as the basis of spiritual work through which we find healing and redemption for our beings. United to love and knowledge, the essential pillars for the task that corresponds to us to live  a new option, we seek to bring peace and balance to our humanity.

The Community-of-Light of Fraternity of Aurora, as an institution, is affiliated with Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, forming part of a vast Network of Love and Service extended throughout the whole world.

Prayer and music bring us closer to  the energy of healing and redemption that is expressed  through the Marian Center of Aurora, a space consecrated to Peace, which manifests itself in one of the areas of the Community, a peace that can be lived by those who participate as permanent members and those who arrive as pilgrims.

All those who come with an open heart, without personal interests, only seeking to learn how to serve, aspiring to manifest the fruit of reconciliation and integration with life, find in Aurora a spiritually safe place to come into contact with the Divine Universe of God.

The energies of forgiveness, of purification, of redemption and of spiritual rehabilitation are doors through which each being that comes to Aurora entersin order to know, within these end of times, the correct path that may allow them to find themselves and to be at peace and thus, discover a genuine opportunity to evolve.

The Community lives a Christian celibate life, which aspires to highlight the values of evolutionary life with a simple, harmonious and sincere attitude. We invite all of those who visit us to adhere to this proposal during the time that you stay with us in order to be able to experience a higher and more impersonal contact that allows you to detach from ordinary life.

The Community-of-Light of Fraternity, of Aurora has existed for eleven years;  Within the first five years, this fraternal space erected its walls with the help of all those who, obeying the voice of the Divine Hierarchy, offered their heart and hands to build al that we have up until today.

In this planetary time, in which so many changes and definitions come to humanity, the Community-of-Light of Fraternity, of Aurora is preparing to conclude the construction of this Island of Salvation. This may allow it to receive the pilgrims who will come from all over the world, seeking this greater life that will lead them to planetary service as a way to fulfill the mission that each one of us has come to fulfill in this world: to serve evolution.

As a center of integral attention to life, to humanity and to the Kingdoms of Nature, Aurora lives on spontaneous donations and needs the help of its collaborators and the like to continue its expansion,  to enable it to support those who need it most; this is the reason why it was created.

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After the first few years, in which Aurora made itself visible to all on the physical plane, it stopped its manifestation; from there, pending needs remained for the permanance of Aurora.


Construction of new bathrooms for the Marian Center and communitarian cafeteria  and kitchen to attend to all kinds of events.


Construction of new bathrooms and lodging for frequent collaborators. Maintenance of cultivations and alternative capture of water for irrigation.


Improving the spaces for co-existence with the Animal Kingdom, as well as repairing and rebuilding the houses that already exist.


Transportation to be utilized by pilgrims, residents and collaborators of the Community.

We need specialized support and collaborators who are willing to help.

May we be able to unite, being responsible and committed for the “Manifestation of the Sacred Center of Aurora” to take place.


Each member of the Light Network and all Children of Mary are invited to participate in a monthly collaboration, for as much time as they would like. All those who want to join are invited.

Uruguayan Pesos $ 333
Brazilian Reales R$ 40,00
Argentinian Pesos $ 385
American Dollars U$ 10.00
Euros €$ 9.00



For Aurora to show itself in all of its splendor, there is a list of necessities that it needs to manifest, stage by stage, within a broader plan which it must carry out until the end.

Agroforestry System Colabore

Development of cultivations based on systems of agroforestry, and on adequate use of water.

The beginning of implementation – February 2019
There will be free courses for members of the Community and collaborators.

System of alternative solar and wind energies Colabore

Training of members of the Light Community for the handling of renewable and alternative energies, and implementation of the project.

Materialization up until august 2019

System of alternative solar and wind energies.
Academic formation of members of the Community-of-Light of Fraternity, of Aurora in Alternative Energies Systems; beginning in March 2019
Formation of a multi-subject study group about handling and the use of alternative energies; beginning in March 2019.

Restoration of the access roads Colabore

To develop a project for the improvement of access to the Marian Center of Aurora and to the Light Community.

Task Beginning:  February 2019.

Formation of a workgroup composed of the Coordinators of the Areas of the Community, neighbors from the region of San Mauricio (the region where the Community is located) and city authorities from the department of Paysandu.

Transportation Colabore

Besides the first bus, it is planned to renew and increase the  vehicles of the Community.

House of healing and restoration Colabore

Construction of a new building for the task of healing and restoration of the people under therapeutic procedures.

The House of Healing and of Restoration will be the first headquarter of the Health and Healing Sector in Uruguay, and this House is expected to have six consultation rooms, two hydrotherapy rooms, an ambulatory area, an infirmary area and a sector for the elaboration of natural remedies, as well as for the processing of all medicinal herbs. It will also have an smaller external infrastructure with four rooms and a small kitchen, some bathrooms and a laundry for the patients who stay in treatment for a few days in Aurora.

Materialization of Redemption 4Colabore

Redemption 4 will welcome families, pilgrims, the school, care for the Kingdoms of Nature, and it is fundamental for the flourishing of the Sacred Center of Aurora.

The Light Community of Fraternity, of Aurora, is composed of three areas that shelter evolutionary group life: Redemption 1, Redemption 2 and Redemption 3, and needs to build a new are, Redemption 4, which will house families, the pilgrims, the schools, care for the Kingdoms of Nature. The Construction of Redemption 4 is fundamental for the flourishing of the Sacred Center of Aurora.

Purchase of a new area, to meet these needs and for the construction of lodging places for the pilgrims who arrive in the Marian Center. There are several areas available in the vicinity of the Community, which would be ideal for this work.

  • Aurora
  • Aurora

Materialization of the bases of rescue Colabore

The building of a house with a consultation room, clinic and storage of equipment for rescue in emergencies.

The implementation should occur during 2019.

Points of healing Colabore

Construction of the Points of Healing according to the approved original plans.

Thus, we invite you to support all stages, whether with financial resources, with your presence in Aurora and in any other way that you wish to offer.

The order of manifestation of necessities may be modified in the future, according to the material and human resources.

The Sacred Center of Aurora needs YOU! Make your offering!


New constructions and repairs


New acquisitions



A lot to do!

DONATE to Sacred Center of Aurora

Be part of this Sacred Center of Aurora!

we invite you to support all stages, whether with financial resources, with your presence in Aurora and in any other way that you wish to offer.

There are many ways to collaborate, make your offering.

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“The Kingdom of Aurora must be a completely manifested space so that the task of Aurora may take place on the surface.”

Christ Jesus, January 4, 2019

“Companions and brothers and sisters of Mine, it is not by preference nor any other reason, but it is necessary that you do not forget that Aurora still has not finished materializing on its surface and, in order for this to become possible, you must be aware and collaborate with this sacred space(…).”

Christ Jesus, January 3, 2019

“I leave everything that the Kingdom of Aurora needs for 2019, not only for the Uruguayans, but also for the whole world. I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart and for considering Aurora as a door to your redemption!”

Christ Jesus, January 3, 2019