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Maintenance of the Monasteries
Maintenance of Religious Association

The quest for spiritual evolution, the ecumenical experience of the principles of Universal Love, the path toward a life of evolutionary group service and the aspiration to make life sacred have always been the bases for the development of the works of the Grace Mercy Order, of its Monasteries and of Association Mary.

Thus, the religiosity that permeates the formal work of the Religious Associations arose from the impulse for the manifestation of a life totally consecrated to the Christic principles of Universal Love.


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Ordem Graça Misericórdia

Essentially ecumenical, the Grace Mercy Order proposes a consecrated life, based on the practice of spiritual transparency, born of the experience of the monastic vows and of Christic Love. The monasteries of the Grace Mercy Order are distributed in several countries and their members, by a spiritual vocation, seek the practice of austerity, detachment, silence, humility, chastity, service and obedience to the Divine Plan.

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